Jean Farmer

Jean Farmer


I went to my first COLLABORATE conference last week, and it was a resounding success. I may have been falling asleep on my feet at the end of each day, but that is because it was so awesome. I couldn't contain it all.

There were so many really amazing sessions. I planned to focus on our EBS R12 upgrade to R12.2.4, and I did attend some highly valuable sessions where I learned a ton of things I can directly use in our upgrade. However, it was the sessions I added as an afterthought that probably were my biggest happy surprise.

I attended the Proactive Best Practice for the E-Business Suite, Help Solve Problems Before They Impact Your System session, where I happily learned about Analyzers. While I had been running one-off analyzers for SRs for a while, I had NOT clued into the fact that there are so MANY of them, and they can be scheduled as a concurrent request and run proactively. I was astounded and very happy to learn about Analyzers. I wanted to jump up and down and say "yay." In fact, I may have actually done that.

I will admit, I'm pretty sure I high-fived the speaker at the end because the session was great. It was also the smallest session I attended. It was in a tiny room at the far end of the North Convention Center. I had been at the farthest point away before this session, up in the third floor at the very back side of South Seas, and I literally ran down to the Coral rooms for this session. I almost skipped the session but am so very happy I didn't. I'm researching note 432.1 (which they happily drilled into my head a hundred times and I then passed on to other people I met at the conference afterwards) now and am looking forward to installing these and running them in our instance.

I ended up with 21 pages of notes and dozens of Oracle Notes to research from the conference. It was a resounding success, and I'd like to get more employees from my company involved now, as I think everyone can learn something from the OATUG and COLLABORATE.

Thanks for an awesome conference.

Jean Farmer
Information Technology, KCI Technologies, Inc.