Sangeeta Sameer

Sangeeta Sameer


Sangeeta Sameer, a veteran implementer and user of Oracle Applications and long-time member of the OATUG. Currently an IT leader at General Electric (GE), Sangeeta has been actively involved in the OATUG since 1998. She has also been heavily involved in the larger Oracle community, having worked for Oracle Corp. as a senior principal consultant from 1996 to 2002.

To punctuate her active OATUG involvement, Sangeeta has delivered at least one OATUG conference presentation during each decade since the OATUG was founded in 1990. She has been a key speaker at OATUG conferences in 1999, 2006 and this year at COLLABORATE 14.

Her participation does not stop there. Prompted by her curiosity to learn more about the issues faced by multinational corporations, Sangeeta joined the Multi-National Special Interest Group (SIG) in 2006 and has been an active member since. This year she increased her role in the SIG by becoming an associate board member.

Sangeeta’s involvement with the OATUG continues to grow as she shares her expertise through a series of informative conference and webinar presentations. She co-presented an education session at the COLLABORATE 2014 conference in April with David Haimes of Oracle Corp. titled, “Case Study: Balancing by 2 Segments in Release 12.1.3 of Oracle E-Business Suite,” which describes the custom solution that GE implemented in collaboration with Oracle to achieve Balancing by 2 segments in Release 12.1.3 of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). The presentation was so well received by the audience that it was reproduced as a webinar for the Multi- National SIG on June 11. As added proof of the presentation’s popularity, it will also be presented on Oct. 15 in the Best of COLLABORATE 14 eLearning series, which profiles 60 of the highest rated sessions from COLLABORATE 14 live via webinar between July and October.

Sangeeta co-presented another webinar for the Multi-National SIG on July 23, 2014, titled, “OAUG Multi- National SIG: Customer Use Cases – Multi-Country Operating Units & Ledgers in Release 12.1.3 of Oracle E-Business Suite,” which presented different use cases on how multinational customers are simplifying the EBS Structure with R12 functionality.

When asked what she appreciates the most about her experience with the OATUG, Sangeeta’s voice betrayed a smile. She highlighted the benefits of staying abreast of constant software developments and the accessibility of timely educational materials. In addition, she greatly appreciates how inclusive she finds the opportunities offered through OATUG knowledge-sharing events. She has always enjoyed the opportunity to network and exchange ideas, stating that the information she gains always finds a way to positively impact her experience with Oracle Applications, and her work at GE. Sangeeta added, the OATUG Conference Paper Database on the OATUG website is an extremely useful resource to further enhance understanding of the changing Oracle Applications atmosphere, and she regularly points coworkers and friends to this resource to help further their knowledge.

She encourages members to attend and present at the OATUG conferences, stating that the rewards from this experience are always significant. “The OATUG gives everyone a chance to present, no matter what background they come from,” said Sangeeta. “When professionals with diverse experiences and with different credentials, from different nations come together, it creates a highly collaborative environment and a focused avenue for knowledge sharing.”

Aside from her noteworthy role with the OATUG and her involvement in the Multi-National SIG, Sangeeta enjoys reading and traveling. Ever the curious one, she attempts to visit new destinations to explore historical sites and different cultures for vacation with her husband, in addition to visiting family and friends.