Membership to NOOATUG is FREE but in order to join, you must complete an OATUG profile.

NOOATUG highly encourages you to join the National OATUG. Not only so that you can access archived papers and presentations in The Hub, but also to take advantage of additional education, networking, communication and advocacy available through this global organizationIf you would like more information on OATUG memberships, please click here.

Attendance and participation in NOOATUG meetings and events does not require National OATUG membership. Come to a meeting and see firsthand the value OATUG can provide, and we are certain your organization will see the value in an OATUG membership.

NOOATUG Membership

Anybody who has any interest in Oracle Applications is welcome to join NOOATUG or attend its events. Membership runs on a calendar year basis (JAN 1st - DEC 31st) and offers members:

  • FREE admittance to General Sessions and Special Interest Group events
  • Access to online directory of companies using Oracle Applications for direct networking (available to User members only)
  • NOOATUG Specialty giveaways (e.g. sweatshirts, jackets)
  • Voting rights on officer elections

Our membership is comprised of individuals throughout NE Ohio performing a variety of different tasks at their jobs in diverse industries including, but not limited to:

  • end users 
  • project managers 
  • technical staff 
  • management/executive personnel
  • consulting service vendors 
  • hardware vendors
  • third party software solution providers

Click here join the NOOATUG:

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You must have an OATUG profile to join the NOOATUG. 
This Geo does not require an OATUG-paid membership.

Once logged into your OATUG profile:

  1. Select Join a Geo/SIG under the Geos and SIGs section.
  2. Then select NOOATUG from the list of Geos.
  3. Then click [Continue] to join.
  4. You will now be a complimentary member of the NOOATUG!